Big Thanks to Nameless UnDEFined

She taught me how to embed your Poptropican onto WordPress. Here’s how you do it.

How to Embed Your Avatar onto WordPressMake sure to follow those instructions perfectly.


4 thoughts on “Big Thanks to Nameless UnDEFined

    • If you’re trying to put them on your blog in a side bar, if you use WordPress, then you put it in a Text Box, yes. As for on your blog, you don’t have to put it in the HTML, I’ve learned.

      If you go to the Avatar Studio, and you go through the Embed code, there will actually be two different places that say https://. Highlight the second one (From the quotation mark*) through to the end of the code, and that will match the link entirely. You paste that between this:

      [gigya src=transparent' width='169' height='236']

      In the end, if the code doesn’t actually turn to my Poptropican in the comments, then it will look like this

      [gigya src="" 'transparent' width='169' height='236']

      If this doesn’t work, then feel free to email me or even just comment me and I can just give you the code to your Poptropican.,


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